A father/son team who have worked together as developers and custom home builders for over 17 years are the visionaries behind the new tiny house concept that is the DS 400.

Dale Geist, the senior member of the team, began developing his skills of design and construction as a young boy under the watchful eye of his father. Dale’s experiences range from restoration of Victorian homes to building log homes, timber frame homes and elaborate outdoor living centers.

With the changing times came a desire to simplify his life and downsize the scope of his endeavors. After much research, it became obvious to Dale that the tiny house market was not taking into consideration small families or retirees looking to downsize their lives. Dale feels the DS 400 model is the answer to that need in the tiny house market.

Dale’s son, Scott, also learned from an early age working with his dad on many restoration projects. He joined his father’s development and construction company 17 years ago and is a major part of the design and build team that developed the DS 400.


Here is a brief interview of Jesse Geist of Tiny by Design Homes taken at the recent Tiny House Roadshow in Lebanon, TN.

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